IKV TRIBOLOGIE is a leader in the field of high performance lubricants for many years. IKV TRIBOLOGIE continues to meet increasing demands for tribological solutions that meet the requirements of automotive OEM’s.

IKV TRIBOLOGIE’s strategy consists of continuous research and ongoing development to suppport the ever increasing demands of design engineering by offering innovative products and solutions.

IKV TRIBOLOGIE’s quick response team, along with its extraordinary capability to develop new products, which are suitable to new industry specific constraints, make it an ideal partner for the automotive industry.

Products are available as greases, oils, pastes, dry coatings and special dispersions -state-of-the-art solutions in the field of lubrication for long life, low friction and noise reduction. To accomplish this IKV TRIBOLOGIE uses a wide range of high quality materials selected for their tribological and electrical properties as well as for their compatibility with an extensive range of materials.

The result is a portfolio of products containing more than 500 formulations, which are capable of solving almost all of the tribological problems encountered.

IKV TRIBOLOGIE understands the needs to meet the varying application requirements and adapts product packaging in order to meet the specific end user needs.
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