Conveyors exist in a variety of types, sizes and configurations from overhead to floor mounted & trolley systems. All of these conveyors depend upon adequate lubrication of their chains, drives, rollers, bearings & slides to ensure their efficient operation and long life. The choice of lubricant depends upon many different factors including the speed, load, required re-lubrication intervals and the environment in which the conveyor is working.
In order to ensure the best lubricant is used in a particular application we must consider all of these elements for each specific installation :
  • the working temperature range,
  • Chemical degradation of the lubricant,
  • Loading and speed of operation,
  • Potential for contamination or lubricant transfer,
  • Reduction of Maintenance costs,
  • The type application method.  
IKV TRIBOLOGIE has a full and extensive range of conveyor Greases
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