- food industry -
A major player in the design and manufacture of high-tech lubricants for more than 20 years, IKV TRIBOLOGIE has a wide range of special oils and greases specifically developed both for the Food and associated industries.

Our lubricant programme is in full agreement with the international standard ISO/DIS 14159, according to which it recommends ONLY the use of Food Grade lubricants in all mechanical and process applications on a Food production site in order to avoid any possible process errors or accidental contamination with non-Food Grade lubricants.

IKV TRIBOLOGIE Food Grade lubricants range fully satisfy the industry requirements domestic regulations for non-toxic, Food-safe products with certification under National Sanitary Foundation NSF H-1 register (previously USDA H-1) which provides for incidental food contact (technically unavoidable) all areas of the Food manufacturing and handling processes. All of the specific components in our Food grade lubricants fully meet the composition and purity requirements as listed under the F.D.A. Code of Federal Regulations in Title 21 CFR 178.3570.

With exceptional chemical and physiological resistance over wide temperature ranges and very high temperatures, under high loads, and in the presence of steam, water and process agents, IKV TRIBOLOGIE Food Grade lubricants give you the solutions to the many specific challenges of the Food Industry.

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