A lubricant grease is a product with a semi-fluid to solid consistency, obtained by the dispersion of a thickening agent in a lubricating liquid. Additives may also be included in order to offer certain special properties. It is therefore a two phase system including.

Liquid component:
-Mineral oil
-Synthetic lubricant fluid

Thickening Agent:
-Aromatic urea (aromatic)
-Alkalines or alkaline-earth soaps (organometallic)
-Silica, silica-aluminates (inorganic)

In order to obtain a gelled structure it is however necessary that particles in the thickening agent form a coherent three dimensional network with established internal force links.

Greases are to be favored when waterproofness of the materials is required and preservation of the lubricant in the points of friction are insured. Theirs performances allow to assure a long-term lubrication while reducing substantially maintenance costs.

IKV TRIBOLOGIE have a range of lubricants most indicated according to the conditions of loads, atmosphere, temperatures, speeds and endurance.
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