There are several groups of oil (mineral oil, synthetic oil...). Each of natures of oil has particular properties which it is advisable to use aptly according to the constraints bound to applications.

Oils proposed by IKV TRIBOLOGIE allies these intrinsic properties and the specificity of additives strictly selected to increase their performance level. these oils protect every point of friction of phenomena of degradation, space out the interventions of maintenance and contribute actively to reduce the energy consumption of the materials.

Référence Description
IKV-TRIBOLINE HLQ HM 22/32/46/68/100 Standards oils. See more
IKV-TRIBOFOOD HLQ 22/32/46/68/100 Standards oils with NSF H-1. See more
 IKV-TRIBOGLISS 32/46/68/150/160/220 premium quality slideway lubricants. See more
Référence Description
IKV-TRIBOLINE CMP 32/46/68/100/150 high quality mineral base oil. See more
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