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Lubrifiants Hautes Performances
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Corrugating machines have some of the most arduous applications in the industrial environment, with bearings and components having to endure extreme high temperatures, steam and humidity, abrasive card dust and high continuous speeds.

The need for extreme reliability and minimum downtime is of utmost importance and coupled with the cost of bearing replacement, the lubrication applications in corrugators are absolutely critical.

IKV Group manufacture high performance lubricants formulated specifically for the needs of the corrugating industry.

IKV’s TRIBOFLON range of special fluorinated greases offer extreme high temperature stability and a high resistance to steam, water and corrosion without the need to use sodium nitrite. Wear resistance and the reduction of friction are two major criteria to ensure the reliability of bearings and increase the lifetime and efficiency of corrugator machinery.

IKV have worked with major manufacturers and end user to ensure that our TRIBOFLON works in harmony with your bearings to give the following benefits:


  • Resists shock loading – increasing bearing life
  • Thermally Stable – less lubricant usage at high temperatures
  • Resist corrosion – increase component life
  • Wear resistant – increases bearing life
  • Extreme low volatility – longer lubricant life
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