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IKV-SOLVALIM Spray range



IKV-SOLVALIM SPRAY is a cold degreaser that is completely free of aromatic or halogenated compounds, with good solvent power and an evaporation rate suitable for most industrial applications.
IKV-SOLVALIM SPRAY also has the following properties:
  • Virtually odourless and skin-friendly.
  • Meets the requirements of the food, aviation and nuclear industries.
  • Has a very high dielectric strength.
  • Dries at room temperature without leaving any traces or residues.
  • Is neutral towards paints, varnishes and most elastomers.


IKV-SOLVALIM SPRAY is a lubricant preparation made up of compliant components listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It has NSF K1 and A8 approvals and is therefore suitable for the cleaning and degreasing of any mechanism requiring a non-toxic lubricant in case of incidental contact with foodstuffs as well as for the degreasing and removal of carbonaceous residues.
IKV-SOLVALIM SPRAY is also free of animal and allergenic substances such as nuts, cereals and gluten.


Grease Nature of the oil Base oil viscosity at 40°C Temperature range


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Our aerosol

IKV-SOLVALIM SPRAY is distributed in 400 ml aerosol cans with COBRA dispensers.

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