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IKV-BIODEGRIP is a biodegradable degreaser based on highly refined vegetable ester
additivated with vegetable bases with anti-wear, anti-corrosion and wetting functions.
IKV-BIODEGRIP does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC content = 0) and is guaranteed
hydrocarbon and silicone free.
IKV-BIODEGRIP can be used as :
Sealing agent: thanks to its penetrating agents, it allows the unsealing without deforming the threads, unseals blocked mechanisms (locks, bolts, nuts, valve stems, pulleys, hinges, taps...)
Lubricant: its chemical nature allows a slightly greasy lubrication.
Water repellent: IKV-BIODEGRIP creates a protective water repellent film that prevents the penetration of water and moisture. It protects ignition systems and ensures engine starting.
Rust remover: its specific agents reduce rust.
Anti-corrosion protector: IKV-BIODEGRIP SPRAY provides good temporary protection of cast iron and steel against rust for several days in any weather.
Anti-sticking: repeated use on undercarriages, truck chassis, tippers (to prevent tar adhesion) facilitates the cleaning of machinery.


Grease Nature of the oil Base oil viscosity at 40°C Temperature range

 IKV-SOLV 1005

 -  4,7  -



Our aerosol

IKV-BIODEGRIP is distributed in 400 ml aerosols.

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