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Lubrifiants Hautes Performances
Made in France


Synthetic oils of all types are preferred for the lubrication of gearboxes, worm gearboxes and wind turbine gearboxes due to their higher performance levels and longer service life.
Optimum results are achieved with IKV-TRIBOGEAR formulations due to their outstanding properties, particularly in the case of slow rotation and high slip. These performances are particularly appreciable in the case of worm and wheel gearboxes.
Their lower viscosity variation as a function of temperature improves the efficiency of gearboxes over the entire range of climatic conditions and contributes to a substantial reduction in energy requirements.
IKV TRIBOLOGIE focuses on the engineering of specific products required for technically advanced applications.
IKV TRIBOLOGIE thus benefits from a solid competence in long-life lubricants adapted to a high-tech industry.
Thus, IKV-TRIBOGEAR formulations are also available in versions for the food industry, under the name IKV-TRIBOFOOD.