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Lubrifiants Hautes Performances
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Greases and Gels

Our grease and gel lubricants extend from conventional mineral oil based lithium, calcium and barium greases through to synthetic oil based greases including polyurea, silicone and fluorinated greases for use in extreme high and low temperatures.

We also produce a range of greases with additives including EP (extreme pressure), anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant and non-melting thickeners.

We specialise in supplying food grade NSF H1 and 3H registered, non-toxic, food approved greases for use where there is risk of direct and indirect contact with food products, drinks, pharmaceuticals and food packaging.

High temperatures degrade certain lubricants very rapidly, however, using the latest synthetic technology enables us to increase the durability of the grease, machinery and components even at the highest temperatures.

Low temperatures are another consideration when selecting a grease. Many lubricants solidify at very low temperatures, however, we provide greases based upon special synthetic oils which perform at temperatures as low -90°C.

We supply gels and pastes for specific lubrication applications including assembly aids, thread compounds and electrical components.

We also have an extensive range of environmentally friendly, biodegradable greases.

Fluorinated lubricants for EXTREME conditions

Developed for critical applications, the TRIBOFLON PFPE (perfluorinated polyether) lubricants range are formulated using the most advanced fluoropolymer technology. Available as fluorinated fluids, oils, greases, pastes and low friction coatings, they can be used to replace conventional lubricants in the most extreme high and low temperatures from -90 to +400°C and in the harshest or most hostile environments.

Inert to most chemicals, corrosives, acids, solvents and fuels, TRIBOFLON perfluoropolyether lubricants are ideal where resistance to chemical degradation is paramount. Non-toxic and non-flammable, TRIBOFLON PFPE lubricants can be used in many safety critical applications in many different industries.

TRIBOFLON products will not react with rubber and plastic components, metals, or other engineering materials.

They do not contain hydrocarbons or silicones and are non-migratory and extremely durable, even in high vacuum applications.

TRIBOFLON PFPE fluids and oils are odourless, colourless, fluoropolymer fluids chemically similar to PTFE. TRIBOFLON greases are formed by blending a TRIBOFLON PFPE base oil with sub-micron polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder.




Fluorinated greases
Silicone greases